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Helmet Cam Video

Check out this ride around the track: 


4 Responses to “Helmet Cam Video”

  1. Rush Hour Karting is an AWESOME place for business owners and HR directors to take employees for a fun, corporate outing. There is a grat multimedia room for conferences, amazing food provided by Blincos and after your meeting you can let off some steam on the track! Check this place out!

  2. The helmet cams are cool and give some sense of being out there. Test your camera position first. It’s easy to point them too far down where you can’t see out ahead far enough.

  3. I always have a great time at Rush Hour. When you watch the video, they make it look easy. It makes your heart beat fast when you hear the engine and the wind in your face. It is deceiving how fast those karts really go. If you have not tried Rush Hour, you better head out and get in line. This is for serious racers only!!! You saw that person in the wall. Don’t be scared! That video reminds me of how I drive on I-40, leaving everyone in the dust!

  4. Great place, great atmosphere, great people. Try it! You won’t be disappointed. Not only a great place for the kids, but tons of adult fun too. You’ll be hooked after the first time.

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