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Refurbished Go Karts For Sale!

Sodikart GT2 200cc — Super Fast Go Karts!

3 year old go karts, have been completely refurbished, and are in excellent condition.  Run good as new!

Honda 6 1/2 hp engines.  Upholstered Seats.  Roll-Over Bar. 

Fast Go-Karts!  Will go about 40 MPH!

Fleet of 5 Karts available for sale — take the whole lot for discount price!!!  (Call for more info)

Rush Hour Karting:  (919) 662-9101

Available for immediate pickup from Raleigh, N.C. 

Need Certified Check upon Pick Up.

Buyer must make own arrangements for pick up.

5 Responses to “Refurbished Go Karts For Sale!”

  1. What is the cost for each and the cost for the entire batch. It would be nice if you posted it on the site.

  2. can you give me a price please that would so greatful of you

  3. Hey Jock! $2500 for each. If you get the whole batch (ALL 5) we can go down to $2200 each.

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