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2 1/2 hour Endurance Race


11 Responses to “2 1/2 hour Endurance Race”

  1. I have already entered a team, can you give us any new information? What is the schedule? Should the teams wear a specific color, etc.

  2. The race will start at 6pm on Sunday. Try to come in earlier, and do some practice heats if you would like. Also, I would recommend each member of your team wearing the same color, or shirt, does for “Team Unity”! And, if there is anyone under 170lbs, you need weights for your kart or on yourself.
    Thanks for entering!

    • Is there going to be a driver’s meeting to go over the rules and clarify the format? For example, driver changes are required every 20 minutes. Will that be done on the fly or will all teams be brought in at once. Will each team use the same Kart for the duration or will Karts be swaped.

  3. Hey Charlie,
    Yes there will be a driver meeting when everyone gets here — hopefully by 5:30pm. And, yes there will be driver changes every 20 minutes, but all will be using the same karts — no kart changes, unless one breaks down!

  4. Great Race! Congratulations to the winning team — “Nucking Futs”!

    Thanks for all that participated!

    And, we will try and do it again very soon!!!

  5. We weren’t quite fast enough to win, but we sure did have a ton of fun!

  6. Everyone that raced should add themselves to the Sodi W series page at I have added myself, but the entry for race can not be completed.

  7. Adam,

    Can you update the posting on Sodi? There is no way to enter, and the reults aren’t appearing.


  8. Charlie
    I just found out from our web admin that we can not go backwards and update races that have already been completed. We will do another 2.5 hour endurance race very soon. We will try to have problems corrected by then. Sorry for inconvenience.

  9. I have looking on with this info far and broad! Your guidelines were very well introduced and prepared. Great post for the issue, certainly! It is best to write more about it. I am certain other people are just as involved as I am to find more from you. Seeing forward to more blogs about this matter!

    • Thanks Greg for thekind words! We try to updat eblogs as much as possible. But, I also have added you to our email balst list, where we send out 2 to 3 emails a month with new specials, endurance race info, and other good stuff.
      Thanks for the support, and keep on racing!

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